AHA Classes

At Medical Education Solutions, LLC, we take pride in providing life support education for healthcare professionals. Our seasoned team of AHA instructors offers CPR training, ACLS, or PALS classes at your site or in our facility.

We provide live, in-person life support classes in the traditional classroom format. Currently, these classes are conducted at various locations in the greater Portland area. However, if an organization has a significant number of participants, we can deliver training at your location.

Our AHA programs offer access to feedback enabled CPR manikins that gauge student performance and assist with learning. Moreover, we strive to be environmentally responsible and utilize eBooks for all AHA classes. We provide electronic textbooks for all AHA classes to participants a minimum of one week before the class to allow adequate preparation for the live classroom day. The eBooks will be emailed to participants once registration is completed, and students may access and utilize the valuable materials online for two years.

In addition, we offer the AHA suite of HeartCode classes (HeartCode BLS®, HeartCode ACLS®, HeartCode PALS®) where students complete an online virtual experience along with online cognitive testing and then perform hands-on skills testing with an AHA instructor. These HeartCode programs are an alternative to traditional live classes, but it should be stressed that the preparation and time investment between virtual and live training is similar.

Current (non-expired) provider cards are required for renewal courses. All ACLS and PALS courses require a current BLS card or equivalent for entry.

Life Support Classes for Healthcare Providers.

  • BLS Provider (New or Expired Participants)
  • BLS Renewal (Current or Expiring participants)
  • ACLS Provider (New or Expired Participants)
  • ACLS Renewal (For Providers with Current ACLS but Expiring certification)
  • PALS Provider (New or Expired Participants)
  • PALS Renewal (For Providers with Current PALS but Expiring Certification)
  • PEARS (New or Expired Participants)
  • HeartCode BLS®
  • HeartCode ACLS®
  • HeartCode PALS®